5 Tips To Blog Often & Effectively

By: , On Monday, March 3rd, 2014


Starting a blog is easy. Sticking to a regular blogging schedule, however, is the hard part. Apart from speaking to online content experts Search Factory about how to grow your blog online, here are 5 tips that can help you blog more often and more effectively.

1. Blog in the morning.

We are often the most productive, and clear minded in the first few hours upon waking. Take advantage of these beneficial hours and write that blog post you’ve been meaning to pen as soon as you wake up. You’ll be free from most of the usual distractions one encounters once the rest of the world wakes up, giving you more time and focus to concentrate on the task at hand.

2. Set up a blogging schedule.

Committing to a blogging schedule can help you stay motivated throughout the weeks and months (years?) of your blog. Most bloggers find that putting up a new post twice a week (on Mondays and Thursdays) works best. This schedule gives you 2-3 days between blog entries – hopefully enough time for you to recharge and get inspired for that next epic post.

3. Listen to trance or classical music.

If you find that your working environment isn’t the most conducive to sustained concentration, put on a pair of headphones, and listen to your favourite trance or classical music. Not everyone has the opportunity to write that epic post on a secluded beach, or mountain-top cabin. Indeed, for most of us, busy (read noisy) offices and cafes are where we get our work done. Blocking out distracting background noise with repetitive music – that doesn’t contain any vocals – can help you stay focused, longer.

4. Hold yourself to account.

If you have a bad habit of starting a blog, but then not following through with regular, engaging posts, hold yourself to account by getting a close friend or family member to monitor your progress throughout the life of your blog. If you fail to keep to your schedule (see above), make it a rule that you need to pay a $50 penalty fee to that friend, family member or a chosen charity. Money has that peculiar ability to get people to do things they’d rather not. Use the power of money to your advantage and use it to stay on track with your blogging schedule.

5. Write 500 words a day.

Sometimes, coming up with ideas for your next big blog post can be a real strain. Good ideas are just not easily found when you need them. However, by writing 500 words each and every day (preferably in the early hours of the morning) hopefully you’ll have written something you can use for your next blog post. It really doesn’t matter how good that stuff you write is. What matters is that you’re consistent, and non-judgmental. More often than not, you’ll find many great ideas and stories that you can then flesh out further when it’s time to write the actual post.

If you’re struggling to keep to your blogging schedule amongst the everyday strain of life, love and business, you may want to take note of the 5 tips outlined above. By putting them into practice, you may just be able to get back on track vis-à-vis your blogging schedule, and build that solid online presence you’ve always dreamt about.

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