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What is a hosted PBX, and what are the benefits of using it? | Wardell Design Blog

What is a hosted PBX, and what are the benefits of using it?

By: , On Monday, September 1st, 2014


The great appeal of a Hosted PBX phone system is that you can have a sophisticated telephone system for your business without having to outlay massive dollars for expensive telephone equipment. In fact, a Hosted PBX either operates with an existing telephone service or replaces it entirely.

It’s easy to use and operate

A Hosted PBX is easy for your business to use because its operation and maintenance is entirely the responsibility by the VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) service provider that you appoint. Check out www.ivox.com.au for more details about Hosted PBX technology and the services of a quality VoIP business phone system provider.

Your employees can work from anywhere

One of the most appealing features of a Hosted PBX is that employees can remain connected to your office telephone system, although they may be working from their home, a hotel, or via their mobile telephone. With a Hosted PBX system, calls can be transferred, music can be used when calls need to be put on hold, conference calls be arranged, and it’s even possible for an automated attendant to answer calls and appropriately direct callers to relevant departments.

If you are weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of a Hosted PBX in comparison to a traditional telephone service, be sure to understand these benefits:

There are cost savings to be enjoyed

There is usually no need to outlay a sizable upfront investment with the purchase of a telephone system for your office. Similarly, your business will not be required to maintain the system, as this is done by your provider.

As well as the initial cost savings, ongoing cost savings can also be made with a Hosted PBX. In most cases, the implementation of a Hosted PBX is more financially lucrative than running a traditional PBX system in the longer term. These cost-savings are on top of the initial savings that are enjoyed on the purchase costs of capital.

Your business can have a local presence

While the geographical flexibility that is afforded through a Hosted PBX is definitely appealing, these systems also make it possible for you to create a presence in places where your business is not geographically located. Hosted PBX systems provide you with access to local virtual numbers and businesses that have capitalised on this opportunity have opened virtual offices and forged a virtual presence in distant places.

A positive and credible impression

When a small business works with a virtual system, a credible and impressive impression can instantly be created, provided that a telephone solution which sounds impressive is in place. Unfortunately, traditional telephone systems cannot deliver in this way and are typically prohibitive in terms of costs.

A system that will grow with your business

The limitations of traditional phone systems are significant. Not only do they impose limits in

terms of how many users are possible, the number of telephone lines that can be bought from local telephone providers is also limited in many cases.

Rapid setup

Hosted PBX systems can be set up quickly and can run efficiently in very little time at all. Their setup is markedly faster than that of a traditional telephone system.


For end users of Hosted PBX systems, management is much more user-friendly than it is with traditional telephone systems. It is hugely beneficial that the service can be managed, monitored and changed at any time, because of the intuitive web interfaces used. Ultimately, this means that end users require no particular skills or experience.

The benefits of a Hosted PBX are extensive and worthwhile for small businesses. Such telephone systems make it easier to do business professionally, efficiently and more cost-effectively.

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