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How a Website Overhaul Can Revamp Your Business | Wardell Design Blog

How a Website Overhaul Can Revamp Your Business

By: , On Thursday, August 21st, 2014


Your website is one of the most powerful promotional tools your business has. However, a ‘bad’ website can be just as detrimental to your bottom line as not having an online presence at all.

When was the last time you really thought about your website and if it’s doing what you need it to do? If it’s been awhile – or your website hasn’t been refreshed at all since it was launched a few years ago – you may be missing out on some valuable business development opportunities. Read on to find out why.

Apps and Widgets Can Help You Work Smarter

Have you integrated your systems into your website? Nowadays, there are many browser based applications and plug-ins for all sorts of business tools and software including most contemporary CRM and accounting programs, email subscription clients, social media and more. In addition to improving your record keeping, reducing data entry and manual handling of information, making use of these applications on your website can also lead to a more streamlined customer experience.

First Impressions Count

Everything about your website is a reflection on how customer’s perceive your brand. An outdated site design and functionalities that don’t function can make your potential customers close the tab quickly and keep browsing. Much like a resume, you have about seven seconds before a customer has made up their mind about your brand. A clean, modern design with a well thought out, logical layout and updated, relevant images is essential. Being “mobile friendly” is no longer enough – your website should also load quickly and operate to its full functionality whether your customers are using a computer, mobile phone or tablet to view it. If your website and/or branding is looking – or performing – a little on the archaic side, contact a full service digital agency like Simple for an appraisal and consultation.

Content Is King

The content you produce for your website and social media platforms is of utmost importance; you only have a short time frame in which to engage your audience and make them feel like they want to spend time on your website. It’s not just about including keywords for search engine optimisation or making sure the copy on your web pages reads well and is free from typos and grammatical errors – you also need to ensure that you’re including the information your customers or clients are looking for. This ensures that you get qualified leads and higher conversion rates while minimising the risk that they’ll go elsewhere.

Websites were never intended to be static documents. Even if yours doesn’t seem like it needs immediate attention, you do need to have a strategy in place for keeping the information fresh and up to date, and include an internal process so that website maintenance forms part of the responsibilities of individuals within their departments. Taking a proactive approach to your digital assets will make sure that your site is working with you to help you achieve your business’ goals and milestones.

When was the last time you performed a “Health Check” on your website?

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