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Tools for the Tech Savvy Job Hunter | Wardell Design Blog

Tools for the Tech Savvy Job Hunter

By: , On Saturday, September 12th, 2009


Tech Savvy Job Hunter

Anyone old enough to understand basic finances knows that the economy and the job market have been pretty crappy in recent years, so I wrote this post in hopes that it might  help anyone currently facing the burden of unemployment.

You need a resume and cover letter. To start off any job search you’ll need a good resume and cover letter, if your not exactly sure how to write one or if your current resume need some polishing I recommend checking out jobsearch.about.com this site has sample cover letter and resumes which you can uses as a reference to get you started. Alison Doyle also shares lots of other information and resources to aid job seekers.

Have some free software. If you’re going to be working on your resume you’ll need a good word processor / office suite, if you don’t already have Microsoft word I’d recommend downloading OpenOffice. The GO-OO branch of the open source software can open and save in the same formats used by MS Office, which includes the 2007 XML formats (docx) .

You need an email address. In order to start applying to jobs and sending out resumes its essential to have an email address which is professional in appearance, addresses like ladysman217 or sexylady82 don’t tend to go over well with most reputable employers. Here are examples of typical email address formats: first.last@domain.com, firstlast@domain.com, f.last@domain.com, flast@domain.com, I’m sure you get the idea. I think a domain form any major email service provider such as Live/Hotmail, Yahoo, or Google will do but I recommend getting a Google / Gmail account simply because it allows pop and imap access so you can use it with a desktop email client like ThunderBird or MS Outlook if you choose to, having a gmail account also gives you access to Google calendar which can be synced using the same email software I just mentioned.

Do some reputation management. Before sending out those cover letter and resumes do some web searches for your own name, because that what anyone who’s considering hiring you is going to do. If you find anything that could cause a potential employer to look unfavorably upon you remove it from the site where it’s contained. If you can, or try and find a way to have it removed. Creating an account on the professional oriented social network LinkedIn is also a good idea, aside from being a great way to showcase your resume, manage your professional contacts, and get recommendations, it’s also a another resource many employers use to research potential employees, and your linked in profiles will show up as a top result in many search engines when someone does a full name search for you.

Where do I look? There are many places online to look for jobs online while sites like careerbuilder.com and monster.com are popular with many I prefer sites like craigslist.org, simplyhired.com, and indeed.com which allow users to receive updates via rss feeds. The aforementioned LinkedIn network also has a job search engine.

While there are other areas of concern when searching for a job, such as presentation and interview etiquette, I’m only highlighting the digital side of things here. Do you have any tips you could offer the tech savvy job hunter?

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