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Updating Your Logo | Wardell Design Blog

Updating Your Logo

By: , On Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


Your logo: in the blink of an eye it says so much. It communicates style, customer focus, industry and can

even convey security. So, why change it?

A bit of research is needed. Does your logo reflect your current day demographics; is it something that

appeals to your core market? Does it stand out or does it fade into the background of other logos in the

same industry? Is it professional? Is it memorable?

In some cases, your company logo was designed to reflect a specific time, technology and style. Unless

you are carrying a very simple classic, ageless font with no graphics, one’s company can look out of

touch and out of the loop. A change or even a tweak can give your logo and your company a new feel

and potentially new customers who previously felt distance from the brand.

There are of course risks to rebranding. Make sure you’ve not simply grown tired of your logo because

you work with it daily. If it’s solid and timeless and continues to sit positively in the minds of customers,

then do your research first.

Sometimes a tweak is as good as a change. Nike and Coca Cola are not going to change their logos. But

they might change the environment these logos are presented in – the background and the marketing

campaign. Your logo too, could benefit from minor adjustments allowing the brand to remain familiar to

customers and cleaner to new clients.

Technology brands are likely to change more often than others simply because they keep up with the

ever changing market. While Apple has seen a few major changes from the Newton logo to the rainbow

fruit to the sleek silver design of today, many of the changes were done through small tweaks at a time

– the same as Windows’ logo and how it has sharpened over the years. Whether you are a programmer

or a mobile casino in the UK, you can keep it fresh without going the whole nine yards.

If an overhaul is the direction you want to go in, be sure about it. Drastic changes to the logo too often

show instability and indecision. The message you are relaying is not that you can keep up with the times

but that you can’t decide which direction you are going in. Changing your logo completely requires

careful planning and execution so while a successful logo overhaul can bring enormous benefits to your

company, the risks (and potential expense) can be high: quite simply you could lose customers.

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