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Why Your Business Needs Super-Fast Internet | Wardell Design Blog

Why Your Business Needs Super-Fast Internet

By: , On Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


At home, the speed of our internet connection can determine how soon we can enjoy a newly downloaded movie or song, or how quickly we can get Google’s answers to our pressing (or not so pressing) questions. At work, the importance of fast internet is a bit more substantial. Missed targets, unhappy employees, and unsuccessful resolutions with disgruntled customers… these could all be symptoms of poor internet speed. As every company is different, with varying sizes and needs, it pays to speak to a professional, such as Com2 (com2.com.au) about what product or package is the best fit for your business’ internet requirements.

If you’re not convinced that super-fast internet will really benefit your business, read below about the advantages a quick connection could provide.

1. Better Productivity

Most offices require a constant internet connection in order for tasks to get completed. Imagine how much more work your staff could complete if emails arrived instantly, webpages downloaded with the click of a button, and videos loaded faster than they played. A great internet connection allows for web-based projects to get finished a lot faster. Waiting a couple of seconds for a page to load or an email with a large attachment to send may not seem like a lot… but, by the end of a day, those seconds really add up and can make the difference between a deadline being met or missed.

2. Happier Staff

The phenomenon of ‘load-time rage’ is real. This refers to the frustration an individual feels when looking at a loading screen when they expect to already be reading or watching what they’ve searched for. When this happens every now and then, it’s not a big deal. But when this happens consistently and frequently, that frustration can produce a rather miserable mood, which isn’t great for workplace cohesion. A quick internet connection will remove this risk and keep your staff positive, as well as productive. Plus, when an employee can easily catch up on their social media and watch funny videos of cats during their lunch break, you can be sure they’ll be in a better mood than if they stared at a half-loaded screen while eating their sandwiches!

3. More Efficient Customer Support

When an irate customer walks into the store or calls the support line, you can bet that waiting for your staff to find answers isn’t going to improve their feelings towards your company. If your staff are able to instantly look up the customer’s details and the answers to the problems they are having, the situation is much more likely to diffuse quickly and end on a positive note.

Sure, the fate of your business might not hang on your computers’ ability to instantly download any file. But, over time, a faster internet connection can really make a big difference to the mood and productivity of your workplace – and positive workers and efficient turnaround times are both things that can make a big difference to your business’s achievements and profits.

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