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10 Slick New Fonts for Design | Wardell Design Blog

10 Slick New Fonts for Design

By: , On Saturday, June 29th, 2013


What’s the most compelling element in design? Is it layout, graphics and images, or color? Certainly all of these work together to communicate your message, but the argument could be made that typography is the most compelling graphic design element available to you. Great typography is practically impossible to ignore.

The reason, I believe, is because typography presents variations to the norm. Though somewhat limiting (and A has to look like an A, after all), those restraints force creativity. When an A has to look like an A, a typographer has to make a given font attractive without losing the basic composition of the alphabet. Readers are attracted to great typography because they see the words they already know composed in a fresh and invigorating visual presentation.

Your choice of font for a given piece communicates as much as the words it makes up, which is why certain fonts work well for certain projects and brands. As a graphic designer, it behooves you to continually stock up on outstanding fonts you can incorporate into your designs. Build a library of great fonts now, and you’ll save time later when searching for that perfect brochure, poster or website font. And you can add to your library today with the following 10 slick new (and free!) fonts for design.



Attractive, edgy and exciting, Risque could be incorporated to add spice to your marketing materials.


Lighthouse has a vintage appeal that makes it perfect for a beach-themed poster, flyer or website header.10-slick-new-fonts-design_html_m791ff862


Slightly chunky but distinguished from, say, Helvetica by unexpected yet attractive angles, Verb makes a great headline font for brochures and websites.


New Rocker

If you need to inject a bit of thrash into your designs, New Rocker might be the perfect font. It packs energy and edge.10-slick-new-fonts-design_html_m59239112

Marker Pen

One of the best ways to draw attention to a specific piece of information on your direct marketing materials is to simulate a hand-written note. The bold Marker Pen will help do that.



The script lettering with exaggerated loops make Stalemate an elegant and powerful option.10-slick-new-fonts-design_html_2cbb3044

Gelatina Elemente

Smooth, slick and fun; Gelatina Elemente would look great on a car show promotional poster!10-slick-new-fonts-design_html_m640defa5

Merriweather Sans

In bold, this versatile font could be a headline. At normal weight, it could serve as body copy.10-slick-new-fonts-design_html_m68e17840

Cherry Swash

Cherry Swash would make an outstanding sub-heading or tagline font. It’s elegant with a few neat accents that help it stand out, yet it doesn’t stray so far from the norm you can’t easily recognize it.10-slick-new-fonts-design_html_m157ed0f9

Lekerli One

A thick, robust, hand-scrawled font that’s bold enough to command attention on its own.


2 Responses to “10 Slick New Fonts for Design”

  1. Alan Smith Says:

    Can i use “Marker Pen” for eCommerce website?
    Alan Smith´s last blog post ..Will geo-fencing completely change the marketplace?

    Wardell Latham Reply:

    Hey Alan, the fontspace website says for personal use only, no commercial use, so I’d take that as a no for using it on an eCommerce site.

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