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Chic Designs from 5 Infamous Organizations | Wardell Design Blog

Chic Designs from 5 Infamous Organizations

By: , On Thursday, February 28th, 2013

In the competitive online world, web design can make a substantial difference. Success can, in part, depend on the quality of a business’ website. A high-quality website brings together usability, aesthetics, and that ever-important wow-factor. Some of the following big organizations and non-profits set great examples for what web design should look like across the Internet.

#1: Mint


Image via Mint

The popular Mint financial service accomplishes a few things in one simple picture. Not only do you get to see some engaging shots of the gorgeous UI in action, you get a taste of the wide range of compatibility of Mint across different devices. It is an ingenious way to draw in the viewer, along with the “Free! Get started >” button right above the picture.

This is rounded out with a quick look at key features of the financial service. In just a few seconds, you are able to learn about its simplicity, security, and ability to help control and plan your family’s finances. Keep in mind that this is all done with plenty of white space and no clutter.

#2: Memphis Zoo

zoo lights

Image via Memphis Zoo

The colorful Memphis Zoo design features a slider with current events at the zoo. With helpful links at the top for visitors, conservation programs, and a great deal of other information, the Memphis Zoo’s design brings together appeal and usability. They are not alone with regard to clean web designs from organizations that are doing a lot to help animals, as can be seen on the PETA Saves Animals website.

#3: Ten24 Media


Image via Ten24 Media

Contrast is an element that can pay dividends in web design. This is the story with Ten24 Media, an online marketing agency in Edmonton that uses light and dark colors to give it that flair. The result is something simple – yet something that makes you take a second and third look.

#4: Family Life


Image via Family Life

The colors work well together on the Family Life website and draw the visitor into the content. Perhaps most impressive is what’s “above the fold,” a term that is used to gauge how much can be seen without scrolling down. What is it in this case? Just about everything! This non-profit organization caters to nearly every need a visitor may have without the need to search for more.

#5: Take the Walk


Image via Take the Walk

Take the Walk is an organization dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa – as can clearly be seen on the front page of the site. Note the slider on the right half of the focal point, which is used to inspire visitors to learn more, and ultimately make a difference. This is balanced by plenty of information and a pleasant color scheme, thus combining several elements into a clean web design.

Overall, a number of different approaches can allow a well-known organization to stand out from the crowd. When aesthetics and practical features come together, it is clear that the results can be quite noticeable. These illustrated web design elements can certainly improve conversions and the appeal of a website.

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