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Five surprising facts about Wi-Fi

March 3rd, 2014


Wi-Fi: As essential and intangible as the wind. We know that we can’t live without it, yet many have a limited grasp of what it actually is. Here at My Port we’ve put together five essential facts that you probably didn’t know about your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi can travel much longer than you may think, from a few metres to many kilometres

You might that think that because you can’t get a stable internet access in your room, that Wi-Fi only travels over a few metres. While many Wi-Fi networks are typically for home use, and commonly have a range of around 30m, special Wi-Fi networks can reach more that 275 km in distance. This is done by network technicians creating special Wi-Fi range extenders. Don’t get too excited – the domestic Wi-Fi signal may fall far short of 10 metres if there are heavy obstructions. Read the rest of Five surprising facts about Wi-Fi »

How LinkedIn Killed Your Resume

February 19th, 2014


For years we have been taught that having an up to date CV highlighting your skills and qualifications in an easy and concise manner is essential when job hunting. However, with the development of the internet a whole new way for individuals to develop and present their own personal brand has opened up. With social media and profiles on LinkedIn now readily accessible, how you appear online is an important part of how you come across to potential employers. It’s important that you get your LinkedIn profile right so that you have a chance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. Most employers are busy and can sometimes be handling hundreds of applications during the recruiting process so anything that highlights you from others is a bonus and may mean you are shifted further up the list. Read the rest of How LinkedIn Killed Your Resume »

Top 5 mobile games of 2013

February 7th, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 - iPhone 4

The morning commute is a veritable cornucopia of the latest digital gadgetry; a combination of hot releases, headphones, integrated mobile phones (remember those days when you carried an MP3 player, a phone and a camera separately? Congratulations, you’re becoming a significant minority), tablets and phablets blow up the immediate airwaves. As the Spotify savant next to you scrolls through his latest trance playlist, or the iAnything Idolisers switches between pop song and grunge hit, zone out from the guaranteed background noise and dive head first into our favourite games of 2013. Yes, games. Adults who play games (and no, we’re not talking the cursory match of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja), we exist and our number are growing. Read the rest of Top 5 mobile games of 2013 »

Career Ideas for the Tech Nerd

January 27th, 2014

New Zealand: Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika

There is no doubt about it; tech nerds make a lot of money. What used to be a negative label has now become a passport to success. There are loads of opportunities for the tech nerd. Check out this URL to find out just some of the selections available.

Apart from the obvious career choices, like a coder or programmer, there are lots of other career alternatives available. Here are just some of the less obvious ones. Read the rest of Career Ideas for the Tech Nerd »

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