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Maximizing the SEO Benefits of Google Plus | Wardell Design Blog

Maximizing the SEO Benefits of Google Plus

By: , On Saturday, September 28th, 2013


Google has already stated that +1’s have no impact on search rankings, but there are plenty of other basic SEO factors at play on Google+ that make it worth the time and effort for any site owners and online publishers, more so than any other major social network. Here are  5 things to keep in mind to get the maximum SEO value from your Google+ account.

1. PageRank and Indexing

Google Plus profiles and posts have page rank and are indexed just like any other web pages. In my experience the best way to build pagerank on your Google+ profile is to maintain an active presence on Google+, this means sharing content on Google+ and interacting with other Google+ users to build an active following and gain visits to your profile.

Indexed Google+ Profile

Indexed Google+ Profile


Google+ Profle PageRank

2. Follow Links

Content in certain types of post, and certain parts of the Google+ profile will result in no follow links. The posts and profile areas that yield follow links are detailed below.

Profile Links

Follow links on profile pages can be obtained  in two sections of the profile. The first section of the profile where follow links can be placed is in the Introduction area of the Story section. The second place where follow links can be obtained is in the Links area of the Links Section, note that Links created in the Other Profiles and Contributor To areas of the Links section will be no follow.

Post Links

To easiest way to add a follow link to a post is by clicking on the link icon of the post box and placing the link URL in the designated area. Placing a URL in the text area of a post will also automatically generate a snippet with a follow link. Note placing multiple URLs in the text area of a post will only generate a snippet and follow link for the first URL listed. If your post has a video, image, or other media attached then placing a URL in the text area of the post will NOT generate  a follow link, because no snippet is generated for the link.


In the comments section of Google Plus post, usernames and all other links are nofollow, except for  mentions! When someone mentions you on Google plus it creates a follow link to your profile. So if lots of people are mentioning you in public posts on Google plus your profile page is going to build up a lot of rank and authority.

Shared Post

Here lies what may be the ultimate SEO benefit of Google+, when other users share  your content with follow links those shared posts will contain follow links as well. So if you post something that becomes popular and is reshared multiple times on the network, so grow your follow links.

3.Make Sure Content is Public

One great thing about Google Plus are the granular privacy controls, but if you want to reap the SEO benefits of the site your content needs to be crawlable, that means making sure your post as well as the relevant areas of your profile are public.

4. Add Authorship Markup to Your Site

As far as I know adding authorship to your site doesn’t provide any direct increase to search rankings but it will place your profile photo next to your articles that appear in search rankings, making your search results standout  to Google users and thereby increasing your click through rate from Google’s search results.

5.Post Using Hashtags

Last week Google launched a feature for English speaking users in the US and Canada which places relevant and prominent post to the right of search results when users search for hashtags on the search engine. Needless to say this will give a lot more exposure to those posts featured in the SERPs.


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