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By: , On Sunday, December 21st, 2008

An avatar is a computer user’s representation of himself/herself or alter ego (Wikipedia 2008). There are many sites on the web where users can upload or create avatars for use on the web, here are a few that I find note worthy.

  1. Gravatar is a service provided by Automattic the same good people who bring you WordPress. I believe every blogger and blog reader should have one. The Gravatar service lets you associate an image with your email(s) which will be displayed when you comment on a variety of different Gravatar enabled blogs using your associated emails. The service also lets you store a second avatar image in your account.
  2. OpenAvatar currently in version 0.6 alpha is a service similar to the Gravatar service but instead of associating your avatar with email addresses you can associate it with OpenIDs. OpenAvatars can be implemented in WordPress blogs using the WP-Gravatar plugin.
  3. Yahoo Avatars lets you create a semi-animated avatar for use with Yahoo’s services including Yahoo Messenger, and gives you the ability to export a static version for use on other web sites.
  4. Zwinky lets users create some very interesting looking characters but the service requires users to install a toolbar on their web browser which make this one very unappealing to me.
  5. The Simpsons Movie web site has a feature that lets you create your own avatar but only allows you to download a head shot of it, but if you really wanted you could do a screen capture to save the full body version.
  6. This Manga Avatar Face Maker allows you to create some nice looking character faces but requires you to use a screen capture in order to save.
  7. The Channel4.com web site has an interesting face maker as well be sure to click the “click to start” link in order to begin the process.

Are there any avatar related sites that you like to use or recommend? Also feel free to let me know your experience with any of those mentioned above.

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