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Gifts from Google | Wardell Design Blog

Gifts from Google

By: , On Saturday, July 11th, 2009

When I returned home from vacation last month there was a package waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting any purchases to be delivered so I had no idea what it could be, upon closer inspection I found that it was from Google and then I remembered I’d opted in for a free gift from Google that they offered as a consolation for my feed going down in feed burner a few months prior. I believe it was due to some naming conflicts when I moved my account from the feed burner domain over to the Google domain, that incident made me a little weary of the of the popular feed hosting service but I still use it, and haven’t had any more problems with it and Google did make a small offering as restitution for it’s mishap. As you can see in the photo below I received some Google branded gear, which includes a wireless mouse, a four port USB hub, and a nice ink pen. Thanks Google! :D

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