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4 tips for your Business Facebook page | Wardell Design Blog

4 tips for your Business Facebook page

By: , On Monday, January 6th, 2014


Consumers hate surprises (shocker I know) and if you are a new business, they will want to know all about you before they come to you for your services. It’s no longer just a case of hearing about a great restaurant from a friend and hoping they were right. Instead, they want to immerse themselves in your menu and scroll through the reviews before making a decision on whether your establishment is worthy of a visit. If this information isn’t easily accessible via a simple Google search, you may as well not exist. Besides the obvious formal company website, the most effective way to build trust between you and the customer is through Facebook . The king of social media isn’t just for connecting with old high school frenemies; with 650 million views and thirteen million comments being made on local Facebook business pages, creating a profile for your organisation is an opportunity but a necessary obligation if you are serious about promoting your services.

Take note: A Facebook business page should not be treated like your website. You need to give it some regular TLC to make an impact. Here are four tips to do just that.

Keep your Page Up to Date

Want to add value to your page? Do so by keeping all your basic business information correct and current. Especially leading up into the busy holiday period, your hours of operation are likely to vary so keep your fans in the loop so they are not left out in the cold.

Post Regularly and Effectively

Spam ridden posts and Facebook Ads are not effective is creating an emotional connection with your fans. It is now more important than ever to create content that is fresh and engaging so people want to naturally want to come back and talk about your business. Not sure what to share? If you are Jaguar Facebook you may want to post photos of your new range cars or new season clothes if you are a small boutique. You can even try incentives for people to visit your site with contests or discounts. For example, if you are a bakery you can encourage a discussion by posting something like “What is your guilty pleasure desert that would make other people go EWW? Most creative response receives a $20 voucher to spend in-

Time Your Posts

Yes this really is a thing. Think about your morning work routine, do you check your emails and then have a sneaky squiz at what’s happening in the Facebook world? Or do you wait till lunchtime? Perhaps you’re more likely to have a night time peruse. This sounds crazy, but you can use this to your advantage to hit the right people at the right time. Test this theory by posting three times a day. After a while you’ll begin to notice a pattern for when your posts receive the most interaction. Once you have established this, you’ll be able to target your market more effectively.

Don’t Spam or Ignore Complaints

Creating a Facebook business page isn’t going to always be smooth sailing and with all the
good feedback that you may receive, there is likely going to be negative. Unlike a face-to-face confrontation where it may just be you and the other person, your entire customer database will be privy to the complaint. However, it’s not all bad – you can work this to your favour. Firstly, whatever you do, deleting the bad review will just tell everyone you have something to hide and will only hurt your credibility. Use the negative review as an opportunity to publicly (and nicely) address and fix the situation. If it is a delicate matter, offer the option of discussing the matter in a private forum.

Do you use Facebook for your business? Got any more tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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