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Ten Ways to Tell If You’re Addicted to Facebook | Wardell Design Blog

Ten Ways to Tell If You’re Addicted to Facebook

By: , On Saturday, March 5th, 2011

  1. You give personal accolades on Facebook to people without Facebook accounts.
  2. You get angry at people in real life and then post comments on Facebook as if you were speaking directly to that person.
  3. You’re Facebook “friends” with people you don’t like.
  4. You get angry at co workers and casual acquaintances who don’t friend you on Facebook
  5. Facebook is your primary means of communication with people you actually see on a regular basis.
  6. You post comments on Facebook that you wouldn’t say out loud in public.
  7. You don’t use Facebook as a professional tool but yet you’ve still reached the 5000 friends limit.
  8. You post comments apologizing for being away from Facebook
  9. Facebook is your therapist and confidant.
  10. You spend more time on Facebook playing games or reading other people’s posts than you do actually having a life of your own.

What are the signs that let you know someone is addicted to Facebook?

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