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The New Myspace | Wardell Design Blog

The New Myspace

By: , On Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Myspace profile pageThe Rocky Balboa of social media is back, but this time it seems to have positioned it’s self as more of a music discovery/internet radio service than simply a social network, it even gives users the option of signing in with a Twitter or Facebook account.

The site now has a very sleek modern design and scrolls sideways instead of vertically, gone are the custom HTML and CSS hacks that once littered user profiles, and as far as I can tell visual customization of profiles now seems to be limited to the uploading of a background image or “cover image”.

The site now has a persistent utility bar at the bottom of the window  which contains a music player, notifications, messages, a discovery button which lets you view whats trending on the site, a search button, a profile link, and a link to the home page.

The standout feature  for me, aside from the awesome song library available on the site, is the ability to start a search on any page simply by typing, no need to find a search box, or even click on the search button, just start typing and it’s as simple as that. As you begin typing the site will bring up a comprehensive list of songs, artists, albums, people, mixes, and videos that match your search, and if you want to leave the search results and go back to what ever you were doing  just press the escape key.

Myspace search results

The one thing the site is lacking now that it will defiantly need moving into the future is a usable mobile app. The new site is scheduled to become available for all users in early 2013, in the mean time if you would like to try it out you can request an invite on the site’s home page https://new.myspace.com/

Are you using the new Myspace? If so what are your thoughts?

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