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Benefits of CAD Software Modelling | Wardell Design Blog

Benefits of CAD Software Modelling

By: , On Monday, January 6th, 2014

CAD Crank

CAD software has become completely indispensable, as the mechanical, civil and electrical engineering industries join the technological age and firms investigate, detect and purchase programs that will streamline work processes. On the surface, sceptics consider CADs nothing but an expensive waste of resources and time, encouraging employees to become glorified graphic designers with little substance. Tech drawing has come a long way from the protractor, rulers and lead pencils of rudimentary architectural and product design, as three dimensional models and computer generations exhibit the possibilities of projects, including areas of improvement. Though the benefits of CAD modelling are numerous, here are five favourites to set any reserved minds at ease.


Increased productivity is hard to argue with, as CAD modelling allows the designer to envision the project as a complete entity, breaking it down according to subassemblies, parts and foundations, ensuring small slips are almost extinct and quality outcomes are achieved every time. Finished renderings can be animated, transforming a digital object into a working mechanism, allowing designers and developers to spot any inconsistencies or problems before it reaches the production stage. This hypothetical testing and synthesis of a product cuts down wasted time, as design notes are documented by drafts (saved for record keeping and posterity) and accompanying notes. The design process, as a whole being, streams sufficiently faster, saving money and delivering a task before or on time.

Quality Control

Open any CAD software. Beyond the initial load screen, you will be struck by the multitude of features and tools available to company designers; each button or tool allows the individual to tweak a design, product or schematic down the finest detail, identifying conceived weaknesses in the design proposal during the drafting stages. This correct and measured result will significantly reduce the amount of inferior or lemon models breaching the consumer or B2B market, elevating company status, reliability and profit.

Collaboration and Accountability

Depending on the size of your firm, you may have whole teams or sub-teams working on any one project at a time; miscommunication is the number one factor of jobs or tasks gone awry. CAD software provides a central design hub where drawing are standardised according to specification (not personal style), creating a degree of accountability through drafts, supporting notations and reports. CAD generated notations guard the foundations of any design proof, including geometries, dimensions, subassemblies, components, material specifications for components, bill of materials, invoicing, time keeping etc.

Reference Archives

Archiving is an often forgotten advantage of CAD resources (take a look at www.ideal-parts.com ; they have the right idea), creating a centralised cornucopia of information for future reference. Why is this beneficial? Certain components and subassembilies may be common to a variety of products and designs; instead of rendering them again and again, designers can call on a company created stock catalogue and insert the pertinent component without wasting time.

As we mentioned, there are considerable advantages to installing and standardising the use of CAD software within your firm or business. Have we missed a point or two? Share your opinion below in the comments.

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