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Firefox Add-ons for Better Browsing & Search | Wardell Design Blog

Firefox Add-ons for Better Browsing & Search

By: , On Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Site Launcher starts via hot key and allows you to launch web sites using a single character key you specify, this add-on has lots of customizable options such as number of columns, background color, and displays the Fav-Icons of the sites which you import.

Site Launcher Screen Shot

Site Launcher Screen Shot

Ctrl-Tab replaces the default ctrl+tab function of FireFox. It displays tab thumbnails in the same manner as the alt+tab function of various operating systems, pressing ctrl+shift+a with this extension installed also opens a panel with thumbnails of all open tabs and a search box which lets you search for tabs by name and address.

Ctrl-Tab Screen Shot

Ctrl-Tab Screen Shot

Group/Sort Tabs allows you to group tabs by host name then sort those groups by last opened, last browsed, or host name.

Tab Sort/Group Options

Tab Sort/Group Options

Tab Mix Plus is the ultimate tab extension. It renders most other tab related add-ons obsolete. A few feature this extension offers are the ability to chose what content loads in a new tab (blank, home page, etc), the ability to chose which tabs receive focus upon opening (links, bookmarks, new tabs, etc), the ability to rename tabs, and many more options.

LocationBar2 puts emphasis on the root domain by graying the rest of the URL, which helps to reduce the risk of spoofing. It also linkifies segments of the URL allowing you to easily navigate to various directories with in the URL.

OpenSearchFox is a very handy extension which I find very useful allows you to add search engines to FireFox by right clicking inside of a search field and and selecting the Add OpenSearch Plugin option. For some reason it’s no longer hosted on the Mozilla add-ons site but can be found at SoftPedia.com

Context Search expands FireFox’s default context search of selected words to include options for all installed search engines instead of just the currently selected one.

URL Link a customizable add-on which allows you to open non-linked text as virtually any kind of link imaginable. I find it very handy for sending emails, other uses include creating searches for selected words, and IM links from user names.

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