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Firefox Add-ons for Design & Development | Wardell Design Blog

Firefox Add-ons for Design & Development

By: , On Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

The following is a list of Firefox add-ons that I use for aid in design and or development.

  1. Web Developer adds a menu and tool bar to your browser, with a vast array of tools a few which include disabling of cache, Java, JavaScript, meta redirects, style sheets, and cookies, adding cookies, and style sheets, viewing and editing style sheets and HTML, displaying form details, showing passwords, converting get and post methods, enabling auto complete and form fields, and removing maximum lengths,  disabling images, displaying alt attributes, image dimensions, file sizes, and paths, displaying id, class, and table depth, viewing JavaScript, a screen ruler, outlining of various page elements, a number of validation options, and many more.
    This is my favorite and most often used plug in I highly recommend it.
  2. BBCodeXtra adds code formatting options to your context menu for posting to forums, and bulletins, it can also quickly format URLs on the clipboard as hyper links or image tags.
  3. FireFTP is a fast and light FTP client for use within Firefox, it’s just as solid and stable as any standalone client you’ve ever used.
  4. Colorzilla is a small color picker that sits in the corner of your status bar virtually unnoticeable until you need it to identify a specific color on a web site.
  5. Greasemonkey allows users to add and create scripts which customize the way websites look and function. I have ideas for some scripts which I hope to develop eventually.
  6. KGen analyzes web pages for the strongest keywords currently present on the page.
  7. RankChecker checks where your website currently ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live Search.
  8. SEO for Firefox displays SEO related information for web sites.
  9. Screengrab lets you copy or save an entire web pages, or just the visible portion, as an image.
  10. Firebug is a development tool with some functions which are similar to those found in the web developer toolbar mentioned above, plus a JavaScript debugger, its been recommended to me more than once and I have it installed but haven’t properly tested it, probably because I’m accustomed to the web developer plugin and do most of my debugging the old school way.
  11. Dust-Me Selectors finds unused CSS selectors in a web pages CSS file
  12. APNG Edit creates an Animated PNG file from a series of images you specify.

Are there any Firefox add-ons that you use for design and development which aren’t on my list?

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