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Mobile Messenger Match-up: Hangouts vs Facebook Messenger vs Skype | Wardell Design Blog

Mobile Messenger Match-up: Hangouts vs Facebook Messenger vs Skype

By: , On Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Mobile Messengers

Google released it new stand alone Hangouts apps for Chrome, Android, and iOS after using the app for a couple of days I decided to how it stacks up against a couple of other cross platform mobile apps.

Google Hangouts

The Hangouts apps for Chrome and Android replace their Google Talk predecessors while the addition of an iPhone app is sure to increase the mobile adaptation of this Google Plus spawn.

Changes from Talk

The move from Google Talk takes away hidden and online statuses that were present in Google talk, gone also is the ability to make voice only calls. Whats been added is a new attractive interface and the ability to quickly search through contacts and groups stored in your Google address book.

Standout Feature

The feature that sets Hangouts apart from other messengers is it’s free cross platform videoconferencing.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook  Messenger is possible the most basic of the three apps on this list

Standout feature

The stand out feature of Facebook messenger of course is that it’s an integrated part of Facebook which is the largest social network on the web. So chance are that you’d be able to use Facebook messenger to communicate with many if not most of your current contacts.


Skype is an excellent and time proven messaging app. Especially if you don’t mind paying a little extra for premium features. The one area of improvement I see with the mobile app (at least on Android 4.1 and 4.2) is that there isn’t a persistent log in like Hangouts and Facebook Messenger have. So if you power off or restart your mobile device, or are some how signed out of the mobile app you’ll have to log back in using your user name and password.

Standout Feature

The standout feature for Skype is the ability to purchase phone numbers which let’s you receive calls from LAN lines, and makes the service ideal for those with friends and  relatives in different countries. Users can also purchase Skype credits allowing them to make calls to LAN lines and send SMS messages to mobile phones.

Aside from SMS what messaging app do you use on your phone? Have you tried any new messaging apps lately?

Mobile Messenger Features

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