Software Spotlight: BorgChat

By: , On Sunday, August 2nd, 2009



After trying out a number of different programs I must say that in my opinion BorgChat is the best freeware LAN messenger for windows. For those readers who aren’t sure what a LAN messenger is it’s simply a program much like your Instant Message client or Web Messenger but instead of connecting you to other internet users it connects you to other users on your home or office network. Some of the benefits of using a LAN messenger are that users communicate behind the protection of the local network firewall, and users can still communicate with each other across the local network even if there are internet connectivity problems.

Some notable features of BorgChat are, network chat room, direct messaging, bulletin board, graphical smiles, file transfer, and easy access to network shared folders. BorgChat has an easy installation process just open the install file and follow the prompts it also works on every version of Windows I’ve tested it on (XP, Vista, and 7) . If a LAN messenger sounds like something you might find useful I highly recommend BorgChat. BorgChat is freeware but if you like it you can also donate to the developer via the PayPal button on the BorgChat web site.

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