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Software Spotlight: System Scheduler | Wardell Design Blog

Software Spotlight: System Scheduler

By: , On Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

System Scheduler is a program akin to Windows Task Scheduler, I had used this program on a computer at one of my past jobs to automate certain tasks at regular intervals, and after some searching I recently managed to find it again online.

System Scheduler doesn’t have as many event triggers as Task Scheduler, but it does have a more intuitive user interface, and slightly more robust scheduling features. For example in the advanced settings options Windows Task Scheduler gives users a drop box with options for scheduling task every, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, or 5 minutes, but something that probably wouldn’t be obvious to most users is that the user can type inside of the select box and change 1 hour, to 2 hour, or some other number, where as Task Scheduler clearly gives users the option to launch a task at specific hours (0-23), so a task could be run at 8am, 12pm, and then again at 1pm. Another great scheduling option is that instead of simply letting users schedule tasks based on a date such as the 10th of every month, users can schedule tasks based on a moth/day sequence such as the first Tuesday of every month. System Scheduler also lets you send key inputs to Windows, this comes in handy for dealing with apps that don’t support command line parameters. A few keys of interest are entered with special characters as shown below.
Key : Code

Win : #
Shift : +
Control : ^
Alt : %

For other keys such as F4 you would simply use brackets like so {F4}

Other features of System Scheduler include the ability to schedule pop-up messages, and a Window Watcher feature which gives user the Ability to close, minimize, or send keys to a window with a given title. The Window Watcher feature supports wildcard input, so entering Google* would match windows titled Google Talk and Google Calendar. For best results System Scheduler should be run with administrator privileges.

One Response to “Software Spotlight: System Scheduler”

  1. Kristy of Racks and UPS Says:

    I’ll try to download this system scheduler to see for myself how it works and hopefully this program will the answer for my problem. :-B

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