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Top 5 mobile games of 2013 | Wardell Design Blog

Top 5 mobile games of 2013

By: , On Friday, February 7th, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 - iPhone 4

The morning commute is a veritable cornucopia of the latest digital gadgetry; a combination of hot releases, headphones, integrated mobile phones (remember those days when you carried an MP3 player, a phone and a camera separately? Congratulations, you’re becoming a significant minority), tablets and phablets blow up the immediate airwaves. As the Spotify savant next to you scrolls through his latest trance playlist, or the iAnything Idolisers switches between pop song and grunge hit, zone out from the guaranteed background noise and dive head first into our favourite games of 2013. Yes, games. Adults who play games (and no, we’re not talking the cursory match of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja), we exist and our number are growing.


Let’s start simple. The Award inspiring Strata has attracted critical and consumer attention in the last twelve months, puzzling everyone from the engineering genius sitting next to you, to the year 9 football player leaning against the storage rack. A game designed for everyone, Strata is an elegant puzzle test designed to strain your brain, as you struggle to strategically pattern and layer ribbons (all of the colour of the rainbow) to match a pre –determined template. Sound easy? Not at all. This a match of wits and strategy, you against the computer, and may absorb many hours without meaning to. A kaleidoscope weave of challenges, Strata will never fail to surprise.
Price: $.2.99
Platform: Android and iOS


Dungeons, dragons and spells, oh yes! Dwarves and elves unite (or try to), the story driven land of mystics and danger has left the table top and dripped into the technological age. The story is immersive, addictive and you’ll have trouble putting down your phone or tablet to get back to work; that’s all we’ll say about that. It is very, very cool. You need to download it for yourself. If you’re a choose your own adventure buff, bent on conquering evil, killing awesome monsters and gallivanting cross country, this is the game for you!
Price: $4.99
Platform: iOS

Star Command

Alright, all of you Major Toms, time to abandon your lunchtime day dreaming and choose negotiate a way across the galatic. Shoot now, question later types may find game play a bit tiresome, as Star Command focuses on forming alliances and quest completion; you still get to kill things, but only after the pleasantries are observed. Wittily written and crammed full of Trekkie and Star Wars jokes, this challenging mobile game will entertain for hours on end. Provided you’re geeky like we are.
Price: $2.99
Platform: Android and iOS

Impossible Road

Forget about graphics, colours, plotlines or brilliant beasties for a moment and revel in the genius simplicity of Impossible Road. The guys at www.brusmedia.com couldn’t believe it when this torturous entry was unveiled; yes, it’s about as graphically sophisticated as Frogger and the objective is pretty straight forward, but Impossible Road lives up to its name from the first moment. Covert a high score and don’t move your finger too much, in fact, second guess everything you do. One micro dot to the left and you’ll lose everything. Masochist gaming at its best, thanks to Kevin Ng’s brutally clean design and mechanics.
Price: $1.99
Platform: iOS

Final Fantasy V

FF fans will be well pleased by the latest mobile addition to the Fantasy family, as Square Enix have designed and rendered a beautiful piece of micro technology; if you’re routinely seduced by their console entertainment, Final Fantasy V won’t disappoint. Complete with sensitive touch screen controls, charming characters, awe-inspiring sequence graphics and seamless game play, SE have delivered a true bridge between the console generation and mobile technology. You’ll savour every moment of this RPG.
Price: $15.99
Platform: iOS

Have we skipped over your 2013 favourite? Do you have your own list we could possibly test and appreciate? Let us know in the comments below.

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