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Getting to Know Droid

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

droidI’ve recently (about a month ago) purchased the Motorola Droid with the Verizon network and my verdict is so far so good. In my experience this phone can do anything any other smart phones can do and then some. Upon first handling the phone the thing that stood out the most was the large screen with a higher resolution than most other smart phones. The battery life is respectable, when constantly surfing the web using the GPS and the bluetooth I get a full days use from it, and can get a full charge in a little over an hour.

When setting up your phone for the first time you’re prompted to enter your Google credentials or create a new Google account, if you set up your phone with an existing account all of your Google contacts will be imported to your phones contacts, your phones calendar will also be synced with your Google Calendar

The phone comes pre-installed with Google Maps Navigation which can easily hold its own against any standalone GPS on the market, the Google Voice app which can be set up to manage some or all of your phones calls and basic text messaging, a Facebook app which can import all of your Facebook contacts into your phones contacts.

Google’s voice search is great as well, it does a comprehensive search of your phone and the web and is usually pretty accurate. I must note for novice users like myself there is a difference between Google’s voice search and the phones voice dialer, you should use voice search if you want to look up John Doe’s contact information on your phone, or to find the closest restaurant with a Google search, you should use the voice dialer if your actually want to “Call John Doe” or “Call 555-444-777″ or even if you want to “Open Gmail”. After playing around with the two voice apps some more I’ve come to the conclusion that the Google Voice Search App is actually better and more accurate to using for calling contacts by name by saying Call John Doe for example. (more…)

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