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4 tips for your Business Facebook page

Monday, January 6th, 2014


Consumers hate surprises (shocker I know) and if you are a new business, they will want to know all about you before they come to you for your services. It’s no longer just a case of hearing about a great restaurant from a friend and hoping they were right. Instead, they want to immerse themselves in your menu and scroll through the reviews before making a decision on whether your establishment is worthy of a visit. If this information isn’t easily accessible via a simple Google search, you may as well not exist. Besides the obvious formal company website, the most effective way to build trust between you and the customer is through Facebook . The king of social media isn’t just for connecting with old high school frenemies; with 650 million views and thirteen million comments being made on local Facebook business pages, creating a profile for your organisation is an opportunity but a necessary obligation if you are serious about promoting your services.

Take note: A Facebook business page should not be treated like your website. You need to give it some regular TLC to make an impact. Here are four tips to do just that.

Keep your Page Up to Date

Want to add value to your page? Do so by keeping all your basic business information correct and current. Especially leading up into the busy holiday period, your hours of operation are likely to vary so keep your fans in the loop so they are not left out in the cold. (more…)

Chic Designs from 5 Infamous Organizations

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

In the competitive online world, web design can make a substantial difference. Success can, in part, depend on the quality of a business’ website. A high-quality website brings together usability, aesthetics, and that ever-important wow-factor. Some of the following big organizations and non-profits set great examples for what web design should look like across the Internet.

#1: Mint


Image via Mint

The popular Mint financial service accomplishes a few things in one simple picture. Not only do you get to see some engaging shots of the gorgeous UI in action, you get a taste of the wide range of compatibility of Mint across different devices. It is an ingenious way to draw in the viewer, along with the “Free! Get started >” button right above the picture.

This is rounded out with a quick look at key features of the financial service. In just a few seconds, you are able to learn about its simplicity, security, and ability to help control and plan your family’s finances. Keep in mind that this is all done with plenty of white space and no clutter.

#2: Memphis Zoo

zoo lights

Image via Memphis Zoo

The colorful Memphis Zoo design features a slider with current events at the zoo. With helpful links at the top for visitors, conservation programs, and a great deal of other information, the Memphis Zoo’s design brings together appeal and usability. They are not alone with regard to clean web designs from organizations that are doing a lot to help animals, as can be seen on the PETA Saves Animals website. (more…)

2012’s Funniest Celebrities on Twitter

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the ever-changing technological world. Users of Twitter follow the tweets of everything from products and events to friends and family. However, celebrities are perhaps the most followed group on Twitter.

Following the lives of celebrities has been a public fascination for decades. From the early days of the silent movie stars to today’s reality celebs, many in the public want to hear about their favorite stars. Twitter users can receive tidbits about these people that can include innocuous information about what a particular celeb had for breakfast. Alternatively, these stars often tweet about dating a new person, as well as breaking up with a spouse or partner.

With the wide range of tweets from celebrities, some of the most intriguing are the funny stars and celebrities, as well as humorous tweets made by all types of those in the spotlight.

Here’s a look at some of the funniest tweets from celebrities in 2012. (more…)

Become a Google Verified Author

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Becoming a Google verified author is a great way to promote your personal brand,  promote your business, attain increased credibility, and gain social connections and followers.  Upon becoming a Google verified author your Google+ profile photo will appear next your content in Google’s search listings along with a link to your Google+ profile. Currently if a user is signed out of Google they will also see a link to more articles by you, helping readers to find more of your content.  It’s surprising to me that more bloggers and website owners have not started to take advantage of these features by becoming verified authors, so I will list different ways to verify your content, starting with what worked for me.  Given the info already provided so far it should go without saying that a Google+ profile is required for all methods listed below.

Relative Links

This first method should be simple enough for anyone with some basic knowledge of HTML, and requires an author page as found in most WordPress themes. Author pages usually have URLs similar to http://yoursite.com/author/author-name/.

  1. Place a link with rel=”author” on your post pages to your author page like so:
    Author Name
    Again this is usually already  the case with the byline in most WordPress themes
  2. Place a link  with rel=”me” on your author page to your Google+ profile like so:
    Google +
    The easiest way to do this with most WordPress themes is to list your Google+ profile as your website  in your WordPress user profile .
  3. Last but not least go to your Google+ profile and add a link back to your author page  in the “Contributor to” section of your links, and that’s all folks.

You can use Google’s rich snippets testing tool to insure your markup is implemented correctly simply by entering a link to any of your posts in the testing tool.  If for some reason your prefer not to list your Google profile as your website, this article  shows how to add a Google Plus link to your WordPress author Page.
Instead of simply adding a link as listed in step two above, Google+ profile badges can also be used, which allow visitors to add you to their circles without leaving your site, this however requires adding Google Plus JavaScript api to the head of your document if you don’t already have it, also since the content section of author pages doesn’t allow HTML you’ll have to custom code your author page or add the WP HTML Author Bio plugin. (more…)

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