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The New Myspace

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Myspace profile pageThe Rocky Balboa of social media is back, but this time it seems to have positioned it’s self as more of a music discovery/internet radio service than simply a social network, it even gives users the option of signing in with a Twitter or Facebook account.

The site now has a very sleek modern design and scrolls sideways instead of vertically, gone are the custom HTML and CSS hacks that once littered user profiles, and as far as I can tell visual customization of profiles now seems to be limited to the uploading of a background image or “cover image”.

The site now has a persistent utility bar at the bottom of the window  which contains a music player, notifications, messages, a discovery button which lets you view whats trending on the site, a search button, a profile link, and a link to the home page. (more…)

My Thoughts on Google+

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

google plusWhat It Is

Google+ is Google’s latest venture into social media. Like other social networks it lets you create a profile, share text, links, photos, videos, and even your location.

Whats Different About It

Google+ puts the emphasis on Groups which it calls circles. To add someone to your network you must add them to one or more circles. When creating a post  Google+ clearly highlights who you’re sharing with. You can make a post public, share it with extended circles, all of your own circles, or one or more specific circles. After creating a post you also have the option to edit it, disable comments, and disable resharing of the post.

Google+  also lets you creat hangouts which essentially are video chat rooms which you can invite friends to join if they are available  or feel inclined to do so. The idea is a more casual approach to video conferencing than what you have with most instant messaging and video conferencing applications. (more…)

The New Digg

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

The new Digg adds features and layout which emphasize the users network instead of site wide content. I think this is a good move by Digg to stay competitive in the social media sphere considering the rate at which  some networks are stealing incorporating primary features from other sites. The site still maintains it’s focus as a content submission / rating tool, and all comments are still posted on submitted content and not user profiles. But now Digg  focuses on content submitted by a users network first and site wide content second. (more…)

Testing Twitter @Anywhere

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

@wardelldesign is currently testing out  Twitter’s @Anywhere view this post at blog.wardelldesign.com to see some of the functionality.  Visit dev.twitter.com to find out how to add it to your own site.

Some of my favorite people to follow on twitter: @adonisLL, @JessicaLaShawn, @littletechgirl, @KellyOlexa, @mjcarter, @koa, and obviously many more. If I’ve forgotten any one leave a comment below and reply to me on twitter and I’ll give you a shout next time around.

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