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4 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone | Wardell Design Blog

4 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone

By: , On Tuesday, March 18th, 2014


Smart phones. It’s hard to imagine life without them, right? It seems they are capable of anything, constantly surprising us with the ways they can help us in daily tasks; they are so much more than mobile communication devices. Here are some of the ways we can make the most of our iPhones.


Gone are the days of lugging around a large camera in case of memorable moments; you phone is now a photo album in your pocket. The latest iPhones are equipped with the highest quality digital cameras, making your shots of a good enough quality to post online, edit digitally and even print for framing. You can also take high-definition videos, with sound to match the real thing. What you might not know is that you can do both at the same time; snapping photos while shooting video is a breeze with the iPhone, using all the same buttons together as you would separately. The earphone cord that comes with your iPhone is also a handy tool ou can use to take photos; once the cord is plugged in, you can press the volume buttons to trigger the capture button on the camera, useful for taking long distance shots of you with your friends.

Do you find yourself wanting to save a small article, image or even a map on your phone, when it doesn’t give you the option to copy or download the item? The screen shot function (similar to a PC) is enabled on the iPhone, saving the current screen as an image in your gallery. Simply hold the Home and Lock buttons simultaneously for an instant capture.


In our current state of interconnectedness, don’t you wish you could switch off for a while, even choose who is able to call your phone at certain times? The iPhone knows life is busy, often complicated, and gives you the caller an option to leave a voicemail message, or to let them know you are in a meeting or a movie theatre. For your fellow iPhone users, you have the option of using Face Time, a video chat program that allows you to see the smiling faces of your loved ones as you tell them about your day. Choosing to use Face Time also saves your precious paid-for calling minutes, and the video component can be switched off, so as to mimic a phone call for a fraction of the price.

Safe keeping

These days, there really is an app for everything. Applications help order the chaos of daily life, enhancing your ability to multitask, prioritise and even discover new tools, all in the palm of your hand. You can find daily planners, weather predictors, even an app to construct your own Will. There was a recent case in Queensland in which the Supreme Court accepted the validity of a Will that was constructed on an iPhone. As professional law firm Turner Freeman suggests, it is risky to rely on DIY methods of creating important legal documents, as they are easily contested in court. However, it goes to show the abilities of the smart phone, and the sway they have in our technologically inclined society.

Mobile Intelligence

The most versatile of all apps is the one which is synonymous with the iPhone. Siri, the artificial intelligence that serves as guidance for the phone’s operation, is a highly functional organisational tool, one which can provide shortcuts to achieving the most functionality out of the iPhone. You can ask Siri for directions, restaurant recommendations, as well as asking playful personal questions with entertaining results. Ask Siri to set an alarm to wake you from your nap, the best route to get to work, any tricky maths or conversion problems, or for a sneaky recipe when entertaining guests. The options are endless.

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