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4 Reasons You Should Buy an Android | Wardell Design Blog

4 Reasons You Should Buy an Android

By: , On Tuesday, November 26th, 2013



Android or iPhone, Android or iPhone, a modern quandary for the first worlders among us, torn

between taking a bite of the apple, or diving into cyberspace with the droids. It’s no competition

really, as Apple continuously release “upgrades” masquerading as legitimate changes, while

functionality remains about the same and no real features make an appearance, beyond the

perfunctory tweaks to camera focus, LCD clarity and other small changes not at all worth a mention.

Android on the other hand, continuous to be innovative, experimental and highly customisable,

combining an easy to use OS with enough customisable extras to keep the most experienced tech

hacks happy.


As we’ve already mentioned, Androids are designed to challenge experienced technological geeks

while providing a seamless, user friendly experience to new initiates. Kit Kat almost melts in your

mouth, as the bugs and issues encountered in earlier updates and well and truly ironed out; visually,

its stunning and crisp, boasting bigger icons and a trove of features depending on the handset you’ve

snapped up. The humble LG

Phone has come a long way, as the LG G2 receives a refresh, along with Motorola, HTC and Sony



If you don’t have a reasonable idea of the variety of models available to you by now, you need to

do your research. From the lovely Nexus 5, to the cool chassis of a Samsung Galaxy 4, the HTC One

is a fast favourite, the dynamic Note 3 a best seller, and the slick casing of the Moto X – are you

tired yet? Confused? Befuddled? Each phone interprets the OS differently, offering a truly personal

experience to the user as you are in control of every facet of the handset. Android continues to

outsell the iPhone for this reason, out of many others.


You don’t need any special software to set up music or playback on your Android device; in fact, you

won’t ever have to put up with the clumsiness of iTunes again as Android syncs directly with your

computer, with the API directly accessible from the Start menu. Copy across music, back-up photos

and text messages and ensure your device reflects your needs, on your terms, without the necessity

of having a completely uniform technology base.


The iPhone was once the cornerstone of smart devices, out-performing early entries and leaving

initial Android releases in the dust, as they slowly picked up traction in the corporate and then

consumer market. Speed and efficiency tests have revealed a lagging Apple legacy, as the iPhone

5 fails to rank anywhere of note against six other heavyweights currently on the market, placing in

seventh, and beaten out by Samsung, HTC and even Blackberry, the clunky handset your parents

used when smart phones were called palm pilots. Unsurprisingly, Android phones enter the podium

and remain there, securing the Top 5 with ease, with the Galaxy 4 earning first place.

Are you convinced yet? You don’t need an iPhone, nobody needs an iPhone, but an Android? It

will change your life, from the moment you wake up, until the moment you close your eyes at night.

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