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Career Ideas for the Tech Nerd | Wardell Design Blog

Career Ideas for the Tech Nerd

By: , On Monday, January 27th, 2014

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There is no doubt about it; tech nerds make a lot of money. What used to be a negative label has now become a passport to success. There are loads of opportunities for the tech nerd. Check out this URL to find out just some of the selections available.

Apart from the obvious career choices, like a coder or programmer, there are lots of other career alternatives available. Here are just some of the less obvious ones.

Forensic Science Technician

If you are interested in investigating crime this could be an option to explore. Forensic science technicians help solve crimes by collecting and analysing evidence. They will generally work in a laboratory although they may do some crime scene work.


An epidemiologist investigates the cause of disease. They help to identify public health risks and inform policy to help prevent public health problems.


An archivist is responsible for valuable documents. They will generally research, record and maintain historically valuable material.


While this may seem an unlikely career choice for a nerd, it can in fact be very suitable. A psychologist is required to observe and interpret human behaviour according to set standards.

Electronics Engineer

This career involves designing and testing the manufacture of electrical equipment, anything from navigations systems to portable music players.


Chemists study the structure, compositions and reaction of substances. This knowledge can then be used to produce more efficacious products.


The curator will oversee collections, like art collections or historic items in a museum. They may also help restore objects and documents.


This career suits nerds who are interested in researching, analysing and interpreting historical documents and other sources of information.


The nerd is well suited to the exacting standards required of the librarian. Librarians are required to help others access information form a variety of sources. They also maintain collections and facilitate the smooth functioning of the library and its systems.

Technical Digital Editor

A technical digital editor will plan and create digital media, including video, web and social media content. They will often develop and implement benchmarking processes to monitor the effectiveness of digital strategies. They will use tools like analytics and SEO best practices to develop their methodology.

Survey Researcher

Nerds love data. A survey researcher will design and conduct surveys to collect data. They will then analyse the survey data – nerd nirvana! Many companies use surveys to collect factual data to help them understand the marketplace, what people think, what they believe and what they desire.

Information Security Analyst, Web Developer and Computer Network Architect

Information security analysts, web developers and computer network architects all work with information technology to help achieve the goals of the company they work for. Security analysts protect information from hackers and cyber-attacks, web developers help to structure information for consumption by the public, while computer network architects create internal networks for the use of workers within the organisation.
Simply put, the modern world is the nerd’s oyster.

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