Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 Review

By: , On Sunday, December 5th, 2010

I recently purchased the Logitech Wireless USB Speaker Z515 to which I give a very positive review.  The speaker is billed as being compatible with a laptop, iPad, or iPhone,  but my experience has demonstrated that it’s compatible with any bluetooth capable device as I’ve used it with my Motorola Droid as well as an iPhone and a HTC Evo.


The speaker is very easy to set up with a wireless device you simply place it in discovery mode by simultaneously pressing the up and down volume buttons and then  connecting to it in your devices bluetooth settings you don’t even have to enter a pass code. There is also a usb dongle which stores inside of the speaker itself and lets you simply plug and play with your desktop or laptop computer.

Physical Components

The Z515’s is slim but solid, the body is made of hard plastic which feels very sturdy and durable. The back of the speaker has a pop out stand behind which the usb dongle is housed. On the right side of the speaker are the power input and a 3.5mm auxiliary outlet so you can even play audio from devises without bluetooth capability using a 3.5mm male to male stereo cable(not provided but can be purchased for cheap on-line or at an electronics store) , you could also use the auxiliary output if you want to conserve battery power on your device. Included with the speaker are the power adapter and a travel case for the speaker and adapter.

Audio Quality

You’re not getting a top of the line sound system with the Z515 but the audio is loud and surprisingly rich for a speaker this size, the Z515 speaker is louder and sounds better than any portable speaker I’ve dealt with in the past, and more than likely sounds better than the speakers on your laptop.

Field Tested

I’ve had the Z515 bluetooth speaker for a few weeks now and even got the chance to use it at a family gathering for thanksgiving with family and friends. I’ve found that the battery does last about a good 10 hours as advertised, and the speaker can be used while charging, you also get a full charge in about 15 minutes if it even takes that long. At the thanksgiving gathering which I’ve mentioned the connection did drop a few times but not frequently enough to be annoying, I presume this was due to a number of bluetooth devices near by as this has never happened  at home or in the office, some of my friends and family also got a kick out of connecting their smart phones, playing music tracks, and streaming Pandora.

Ideal Uses

Some ideal uses for the Z515 are: traveling, personal listening at home or in the office, creating ambient sound for a small get together, streaming internet radio from your laptop or smart phone, and sharing music between friends with multiple devices.

Have you used the Z515 or another portable speaker before? If so feel free to comment about it in the comments section below.

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