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Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Review | Wardell Design Blog

Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

By: , On Friday, March 29th, 2013

Review By: Wardell Latham


The good people at mobilefun.com recently sent over a Nexus 7 bluetooth  keyboard to review here on the site. At first glance it’s apparent this keyboard was designed for the Nexus 7. It’s dimensions are roughly the same size as the Nexus 7, it also has a silver colored bezel and a rubberized back covered in small round indentations much like the Nexus 7. If the appearance alone left any doubt as to what device this keyboard was designed for, the keyboard snaps onto the nexus 7 and doubles as a cover Being the same size as the Nexus 7 this obviously isn’t a full size keyboard so it may take some getting used to for those not used to using small keyboards, but it won’t take long to see the advantages over the onscreen keyboard.


Here are the specs according to the manufacturers packaging:

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 10 meter operating distance
  • GFSK modulation system
  • 3-5v Operation
  • 60 days standby time
  • 55 Uninterrupted working hours
  • 4-5 hour charging time
  • 160mA Lithium Battery

This keyboard features a home key, back key, search and media player function keys. Ctrl+a (select all), Ctrl+c (copy), Ctrl+x (cut), and Ctrl+v (paste) all preform as you would expect when text editing. Ctrl+p brings up the system settings, Ctrl+m brings up the app settings Ctrl+w brings up the wallpaper settings, Ctrl+h brings up the help page for Google services, Ctrl+[back] brings up a menu with options which list the 4 aforementioned settings. Ctrl+tab brings up a recent apps screen. A few things I would like to have seen on this keyboard are a dedicated button for recent apps, a menu button, and a grove in the back cradle wall to prevent Nexus 7 from falling out if bumped from behind. Overall I was happy with the performance and rate this keyboard a 4 out of 5. It’s slim and light weight, easy to setup and use, has excellent battery life, and functions without any hitches. Do you have this keyboard, or do you use a different Bluetooth keyboard with your Android device? If so are there any apps you would recommend to enhance the keyboard performance? Have you discovered any shortcuts for popular android appps?

One Response to “Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Review”

  1. LD Says:

    “Ctrl+tab brings up a recent apps screen.”

    How did you do that? The keyboard does NOT have a Tab key – just a much larger Q key.

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